My name is Jessica and I landed in the Early Childhood field by chance 10ish years ago. My career and passion in the Early Childhood field started as simple part time job. Working at a small center provided me the opportunity to really learn from an amazing passionate staff who opened my eyes to Pruning and Pincer Grips

While working there I soaked up everything I could, spent as much time with my teachers and mentors as I could, and loved the field.  I only took a break to add to my little family, and stay home with them for as long as possible.

The 10+ years of experience that I’ve accumulated, led me to where I am now: always looking for simple ways to entertain my kids while providing an enriching environment and nurturing their curiosity.

At home we encourage boredom.  We really do.  Its beneficial for their creative processes, it leads to problem solving, resilience, higher self esteem, and enhances their cognitive development.  The inevitable outcome though was that they had access to everything in our house, which led to acrylic stained tables, food dye stained couches and things glued to corners of the house.  I love what the mess stands for. The accomplishments they made, the problems they solved and their new inventions helped them to understand the basics in physics, geometry, spatial relations, and sequencing. My kids spent whole evenings talking through problems, and working out conflicts while honing in their social skills.  The two voices voting on what to do next and why, brought me so much comfort as a stay at home mom. I knew I had hit something with allowing their messy play.

So, I decided to create a space as encouraging and safe for messes as my home had been. Little Hands Art Lab is the home for open exploration, boredom, and messes.  Lets give them the utensils to figure out and see what they can come up with.  Lets let the tiniest of hands squish and squeeze everything in sight to grow their tactile memories.  Lets bring the mess back in their play.

little hands cover photo1